March 21, 2021


By itchysilk In MUSIC

Swedish singer, song writer and producer Yarlie has dropped her debut single Wreck and it safe to say it is a brilliant introduction to the 28 year old. Based in Stockholm, Wreck smashes it on all fronts and has radio play all over it. Indeed it fulfils all the core principles of a good pop track with a tight hook to boot. In truth we tend to avoid pop tracks here at #itchysilk. Not through some form of snobbery but purely because we like music off the beaten track. But with Wreck we made an exception because one of our core ideas when looking at music is-‘if it’s good, it’s good’.

So with that we had a brief catch-up with the independent artist to discuss her debut.

Talk to us about how your may have impacted your current decision to go into music?

I started dancing before I could walk and started singing before I could talk. I’ve been making up songs for as long as I can remember, as well as playing instruments. I got my first piano (actually it was an electric organ) when I was only a couple of years old, and I instantly fell in love with it. By ear I started learning to play the piano, and soon I moved on to guitar, the drums and now I’ve basically lost track of all of the instruments I’ve had a crush on.

Outside of music describe what she likes, what drives her what would surprise us?

Ok so three things-I hate the summer. It’s the worst. I wish there would be fall and winter all year long-that being said, I’m living in the right country. When I was young my dream wasn’t to become an artist, I wanted to be a car mechanic. All of the car owners out there should be thankful I ended up as an artist instead – I’m actually really lousy with cars. My goal for this year, except becoming a major pop star obviously, to improve my soldering skills so I can take my synth soldering to the next level.

Tell us about the music that appeals to you?

Basically I have a preference for everything that includes vocoder, 808’s, vintage synths and a steady clean kick. BANKS being the queen of all those things. As well as Robyn, , Yaeji and to name a few. Also, female lead singers with some raspy, quirky voices. Janis Joplin, Courtney Love, and Bibi Bourelly for example.

Talk to us about your music prior to Wreck.

I’ve worked a lot with other artist and musicians, both as a producer, songwriter and studio singer & musician. I’ve also been a live and tour- singer and pianist for acts like Swedish hip-hop artist Zacke which has given me the knowledge and experience to feel ready to release my own music.

We had not heard of you before so tell us about the creation of Wreck as we note you are a producer-tell us about difficulties, getting that right melody for Wreck own etc?

If I’d describe the production of Wreck in one sentence I’d describe it as ‘lucky’ mistakes made in a musical playground.  My co-producer Zakarias Lekberg and I share a big synth interest which means we do have our go-to-synths. And as all producers, you’ve got your go-to-plugins as well and your go-to-pre saved presets, and so on. But in the making of Wreck we decided to step aside from all those comfort sounds, and really try new sounds and techniques. We’ve experimented a lot with rhythm, reverbs and filters.

What’s next in terms of further projects, videos etc

Next single (and music video) will be dropping real soon, in just a couple of weeks. Then I’ve got another single coming before the summer, and then my debut EP.