September 1, 2017


By itchysilk In MUSIC

In this Into The Vaults (ITV) L Henrixx waxes about the rather fantastic Vikter Duplaix and two rather special tracks. The usual protaganists fill the airwaves with streams (and tides) of mind sapping, uninspiring mediocrity-Vikter Duplaix (and others alike) are the needed elixir. 

Throwbacks tend to come in many genres and forms. Some are timeless just because they feel good and entertain representing an essence that cannot be recaptured. Case in point-the amalgam of Easy Listening/RnB/Soul. Now we tend to have mainstream RnB-Trap, Rnb-Hip vs the under-represented soulfulness that is tucked away in international corners. However, the melody or riff led lullabies that spoke volumes with musicality are almost unheard of on a popular scale.

CUE: Vikter Duplaix *round of applause and clicks*.

Listen. There are two tracks which are dangerous. I’m talking intimacy on wax with the sumptuous gorgeousness of Nothing Like Your Touch (2006). From; Bilal, , Bahamadia, (the love of my life)…….Philly really does make them! It is one of my favourite destinations to un-earth musical talent and other novelties but I digress. Vikter Duplaix happens to be a DJ, producer and singer song writer with a talent for creating good vibes and baby crooners to jam to. To be honest, this easily could have been a late 90’s release.

I can’t even remember how I stumbled on/fell into this song. Possibly because he has worked with my fav of all time, Me’Shell Ndegeocello #YouAreNotReady. I couldn’t even compile a throwback article on her catalogue. It would have to be a series, honestly. Anyway, said track was on heavy rotation for months. I rinse new music discoveries until there is nothing left but the bare bones and the metronome! The longer the song, the better for the soul I believe. For example, Miles Davis’ ‘Bitches Brew’ (1970) . It is an extended journey of perfection. ‘Nothing Like Your Touch’ is such a sexy song in so many ways which brings me onto my next point.

In this recent disgraceful period of 2010+, there has been an in-capability of making intimate/sex related songs.

There’s an uneasy overload of unimaginative hyperboles and vulgarity. In answer to this void of un-imaginative overload, let yourself get acquainted with In The Middle of You (2006).

Can we take a moment to marinate (all puns related to stewing in juices intended) on the title? In. The. MIDDLE. Of. You. Like seriously. As if the ‘you’ was an entity to be in the middle of. Not in the middle of nowhere. Or ‘inside’ you even. IN THE MIDDLE OF YOU. It’s a title so delicately raw that you love it even more.

The thing with vulgarity is anyone can be crass. There is no art to it unless it is done in a way that cannot be replicated. Hence my issue with 99.9999999995% songs today. The songs that made you crave and salivate over unspoken seduction are rare like the concept of sense to Donald Trump. We were musically blessed over a decade ago. It shows that hope is not as far away as it feels.

Back to the track. This is approximately 7 minutes of pure liquid intimacy. Good grief. Let’s be real. There are songs that are fit for a ravenous bump and grind unleashing full bedroom bully mode. Though this track could have that appeal, it is definitely one to listen and vibe to with someone special. You cannot fast forward. You cannot just drop the intro and deprive your senses of the middle or the ending. It deserves ALL THE FEELINGS.

Before I leave you to melt into a puddle of candlewax, can I just drop the dirtiest, climax-worthy remix EVER?

So it should be a world fact that I am a beats and instrumental head so my knowledge of producers is relatively extensive. When producers who tend to make lush instrumentals decide to make remixes? Bliss. Freddie Joachim did a remix of In The Middle Of You which sounds like ecstasy and DMT if they were to be musicalised. The lust. The synth sounds. THE BASSLINE.

If you play this on a date and fail to obtain any form of play, you have some self-searching to do. This track is the epitome of a pleasurable drug trip (I am not advocating drug use, kids. Well, it depends on the definition of drugs… Actually, never mind). I’ll revise the statement. This track is the epitome of what I can imagine would be a pleasurable drug trip. May this wave of vibe-led music from talented individuals return. Until then, I’ll resort to my archives and in the words of Vikter Duplaix: ‘I’m gonna stay in it’.