September 28, 2016


By itchysilk In MUSIC

Tusks the rather odd moniker for the seriously good singer and producer Emily Underhill who has been making the cliched but apparent waves with her engaging vocal prowess and ability to bring some melancholic joy through her sparse yet expansive sound.

Tusks, signed to that small but totally influential label One Little Indian has been a simmering force for two years or so and has managed to fit in collaborations with the huge Submotion Orchestra among others.

Her first ep the self-produced, Ink (2014) was luscious in every sense of the word blessed by killer tracks that embraced like a electric blanket on a winter’s day-we personally really loved Burn and the Koda remix of Ink off that six track aural treat.

In 2016 Tusks’ follow-up ep the four track False builds on that first body of work with equal if not more measure-the title track definitely special.

In keeping with her ability to choose banging talents to remix her work Baile steps up to the plate bringing a rework of For You to gorgeous effect.