April 15, 2021


By itchysilk In MUSIC

Coming from Pennsylvannia, TRiBE are a 6 piece band dropping some quintessential soulful/funky/ neo induced vibes. The band has been around since 2018 but it’s only in 2021 they finally drop their debut album Language.

Three years before a debut album perhaps seems long but much of those three years have been spent hitting the live circuit around Northeast US. Not that we have evidence of this but perhaps they used that time to test some of the numbers from their album.

While we are here to review their sixth single, rather than the whole album have to say that the whole ten-track album a solid debut filled (we feel) ostensibly with some funky edged bangers.

So to the luscious current single veering into neo vibes-this could easily be a track from the catalogue of bangers. Lyrically it’s a fairly deep offering discussing the “inevitable decay of anything beautiful” encapsulated in the soulful lament of the main singer.

Thankfully will remain ‘beautiful’.