February 5, 2017


By itchysilk In MUSIC

Helsinki born producer, Tomi Lahtinen aka TomppaBeats caught our attention with some rather sterling addictive beats on his soundcloud page-choice numbers to get lathered about-Emotional and Goodbye featuring Rei Brown.

For such high quality it’s interesting to learn it’s only been 3 years since he found his creative productive licence but since then it’s safe to say that his regular output of material has been gaining significant love. Off the back of that love, Tomppa spent the last three or so months out in Australia plying his sound with names like Dustera and Beatlab a kudos affirming moment for sure.

Currently we know Tomppa busy in the lab working on his second beat album, Arcade which we know will be tight like the grip of a refugee’s hand around Donald Trump’s neck.

Tomppa (thankfully) blessed # with a taster of some material and gave us a snippet of a track called Sad featuring collaborative duties from Ohwell. It’s signature Tomppa (if you do not know his vibe) where the mood and tempo- downbeat, ultra-cool, kind of lazy summer vibes while hefty hip-hop beats resonate with purpose without overpowering the laid back vibe he creates.

Look out by the way, that forth-coming album will have a vinyl release can’t wait.