December 23, 2022


By itchysilk In THE ITCH

Tyler Tilley aka Tiger Picasso is a painter based in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Born in Canada, the 40 year old has been blessing socials with his contemporary social commentary paintings.

In his “pre- apocalyptic” paintings his humorous take on contemporary celebrities (in particular) conjures of Andy Warhol in his pomp.

In fact we love his so much, he is the first artist we decided to do a collabo with. Indeed check the SHOP and get a discounted code on his images.

So talk about your creative journey how did it start-were you destined (in that cliched voice)?

Before my boxing bouts, I would get really nervous and throw paints around with my siblings. We would take large canvases and just chuck paint at it. The boxing stopped but the creating continued. When my brother passed, I doubled down. I look at like a gift from him. So I was not destined and have to work hard to be able to create every day. I feel like it can be ripped away from me at any time, so in a way, I am fighting destiny.

“Currently made in Thailand”-discuss?

You can never really call Thailand your home, even if you have been here decades, which is why I say currently made in Thailand. I needed a place in the world where I could afford to paint and create every day, all day. I literally just googled “cheapest places in the world” Before I was in Spain and it was too costly to survive only on my art. In you would need a part-time job or something. I do not have time for a job, my brain cannot shut off; when I am putting my time and energy into something else other than creating, I can feel a sense of impending doom. Life is too short to feel impending doom.

Talk to us about the “pre apocalyptic painting” 

I am just playing around with the thoughts of climate change, nuclear annihilation, animal viruses & MORE! the mass hysteria (whether justified or not) that comes along with it is fascinating to me. if we are always constantly on the brink of extinction, I am painting during the pre-apocalyptic period.

At times there is a definite inspiration-is that so and talk to us about this interest? 

I appreciate the artists that have come before me and even the ones that are creating today. as I get older the concepts behind the become increasingly important. I am not sure I consider Warhol a savant or anything. I think Andy, in particular, had the stones to label something as art, even when it was not. ha-ha. thus creating art. sometimes I can relate to that process.

You use certain high profile names from and music (past and present) elaborate on the ideas-Drake, Wonder Woman and just a few. 

for the most part I consider celebrities like advertisements or like plastic wrappers for products. also the way we consume celebrities is odd. no one is sacred. despite my cynical take on “icons” or celebrities, they do inspire me, and I can get wrapped up in their existence just like everyone else.

What inspires you r work and how do you keep those creative juices flowing? 

my brain will not shut off. is just a combination of ideas, experiences, and execution. that valve for me keeps producing. It is important for me to give myself the room for my brain to work. if have room to breathe my brain will concoct all kinds of wild things. I really do not have a good answer for this one

What’s cracking for 2023? 

I am really excited. 2023 seems to carry a good vibe. I got some advice recently and will relay to you, “just keep going” 

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