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Steve Bassett the founder of Paradigm Research Group (PRG) fits that X File profile of a man taking on the might of a nefarious and shady government intent on maintaining secrecy at all costs. Possessing a lively, intelligent mind, a forth right attitude, a historical knowledge steeped in political activism and a self-confidence built on years of research into his chosen field, Steve has a clear mission-to bring about a dramatic and seminal Alien Disclosure by those powers who hold the secrets.

‘The disclosure that aliens exist will be the most profound event in human history’ states Bassett and it is clear that this could be an understatement.

The subject of alien existence has filled human kind with awe and interest as non-believers and believers alike hanker to know that we are not alone. It’s a clear motif in popular culture clearly seen in Hollywood blockbusters like First Encounters of The Third Kind (1977), the theme is clear-we want to believe that we are not alone. We want to believe that we are part of a wider sphere of intelligent life across the universe as depicted in popular cult series like Star Trek and Deep Space 9.

The alternative to the idea that we are not alone is of course the idea that we are indeed very much alone in the vast voids of space. It’s an idea filled with monumentally important questions and ideas which are scary, profound and evidently lead to more questions. Why are we alone, why are we the only ones to bridge the gap from non-sentient beings to sentient beings able to create, think of abstract thoughts and be self-aware? We are by nature social animals or beings (depending on your preference) and we want to believe that we are part of something bigger-something that for some does not involve being part of a supreme plan created by an omnipotent being/spirit/entity.

American Steve Bassett however is under no such uncertainty and he is clear that we are far from alone,

‘It is quite simple-the planet earth is being engaged by extra-terrestrial civilisations and it has been for some time, certainly since the mid 1940’s’, Steve states without a suggestion of dis-ingenuity, ‘Perhaps hundreds of years but certainly for facts from the 40’s. The government made a decision in the midst of the post WW11 period that this information needed to be embargoed because they did not know the intentions of these beings-since then there has been a conscious and premeditated effort on the part of ‘these’ people to hide the truth from us.’

Late last year in the midst of Trumpism and Hillary-Gate it seemed we were on the cusp of what would be a monumental moment in human history. Further fuel was added when notable papers like the UK’s Guardian paper, wrote a story (all be it fairly brief) that Hillary Clinton stated she might, should she be voted in take a look at possible alien evidence. It was a small promise in many ways and it could be taken as political speak for, ‘I have no intention of looking into this once I am voted in’ but it was given press. Since then there has been it appears a palpable change in media reporting of ‘alien existence’ and the number of reports claiming possible contact but no media outlet it seems has been able to go with a headline-‘aliens exist’.

There is no doubt that there is a huge amount of information regarding ‘alien contact’ so care needs to be observed that one reads the wealth of information with an analytical and pragmatic approach in regards to ‘real facts’ and ‘bonafide sitings’. Purporting truth and fake stories of ‘actual fact’ can be part of a simple aim of getting many hits on a page or a YouTube video as eerie music and a baritone voice-over citing different specialists and evidence lulls you into supplication that ‘aliens are real’. Further this depth of information regarding alien visitations and those secrets laying (many assume) behind the doors of the fabled Area 51 could again be part of a familiar discourse spouted by overzealous conspiracy theorists but Bassett has a firm and clear repost to such a ‘familiar discourse to deceive the globe’.

The ‘truth embargo’ a phrase coined by the erudite Bassett is an attempt by the government or the powers that be to, significantly hide the truth as they keep prying and inquisitive minds away from the proverbial Pandora’s Box-any secret that has been held for this length of time needs more (Bassett states) than repeated rebuttals.

‘With the help of its allies the United States was able to embargo or contain the information through a lot of advanced co-intel and propaganda techniques to undermine, ridicule, supress research into alien life and state the evidence was mere fiction. This truth embargo as I call it has been going on for 70 years and then it was probably worth it because then there were 70,000 plus nuclear weapons in stockpile. After 91 however the basis to maintain this embargo diminished and with each passing year this truth embargo has become unsustainable. Disclosure would mark the end of that embargo and a world-wide acknowledgement of extra-terrestrials by governments.’

The ridicule (if we are to believe it) has seen many depicted as; fantasists, eccentrics and liars-familiar lines of rebuttal which are perpetuated by the media in what Bassett calls ‘ghetto intellectualisation’, ‘they intellectually ghettoise the ET issue and everybody associated with it and it is a very effective technique.’ It’s easy of course to place Bassett who states emphatically, ‘I will not take any crap regardless of what people think’ in this group of ‘fantasists’. However, unlike some or perhaps most of those who believe in alien existence, he makes no claims of any alien contact-in fact he is keen to refute any personal contact of his own.

‘I am a political activist- I have never seen any craft and I have certainly never been contacted by any extra-terrestrials but I have reviewed the evidence, talked to witnesses, talked to contactees and spoke to researchers and the evidence is overwhelming and beyond a reasonable doubt.’ His quick and firm assertion that his own history of alien contact is zero ironically adds (perhaps misleadingly) a sense of truth. At the heart of his firm statements of alien existence is science, socio-political thoughts regarding the US and facts not emotive re-tellings of personal experiences imploring the listener to acquiesce. His reluctance to even consider his work as a ‘passion’ is further telling,

‘My passion (if you must call it that) was sparked  in 1964 when the United States started to have problems and it was at that time that I had a clear vision of the problems and how in danger the republic was based on decades of poor policies made and a growing dysfunction in political system. My passion comes from a fundamental point of political activism which is addressing the problems the United States faces in trying to maintain what was a fairly good democratic system-I want to essentially create a reform.’ Bassett adds, ‘There is a clear constitutional breach under way in the United States which started in 1961,’ he states when we discuss why the embargo continues particularly when disclosure seemed imminent, ‘The military intelligence complex began to withhold unacknowledged special access programmes (USAP) from the congressional executive sight and exactly how many of these USAPs have been pulled out from ‘view’ is unclear but we know the ET issue was definitely pulled out. This is a significant aspect because what this means is the President and certain others are not aware of these programmes they are not being briefed and this goes against the constitution it is in fact treason. This breach has been in effect and growing with some ups and downs since 1961 this is a huge story’. While we consider the President as the most powerful individual in the US-it’s a misnomer-a fact we at #itchysilk spoke of in our piece on the President.

Bassett speaks with such an assurity that it is hard not to be immersed into his world but arguments against alien existence are bountiful. Names like Stephen Hawkings have added their considerable weight to the camp of dis-believers- ‘First of all you cannot believe anything Hawkins says’ Bassett spouts in is familiar forth right manner, ‘his illness does limit him in some ways and so there is a possibility that he has not figured out there is an ET presence. His statements are in support of the truth embargo or this ‘intellectual ghettoization’-ultimately however his statements make no sense’

We ask further when does he think this disclosure will happen?

‘Look, disclosure is inevitable. The fact that they have been able to maintain this embargo is extraordinary but the extra-terrestrial phenomena is global news. There are sightings every single day and witnesses are always coming forward. We absolutely must have disclosure. On a fundamental basis the idea that certain individuals in the government know that we are not alone in the universe is unacceptable-every human being on this planet needs to know.’ adding, ‘There’s also the matter of sequestered technologies. We think that the United States and one or two other countries have terrestrial based technology from crashed vehicles. They have been studying and re-engineering these vehicles for many years. There is evidence that they have created their own anti-gravity vehicles and there is the matter of the energy systems that drive these crafts. That technology could be beneficial for the planet which is facing so many problems but that technology is not being used for the planet because they must maintain this veil of silence.’

As the interview draws to a close, it’s hard not to see why Steve is so passionate about alien disclosure. From a purely logical standpoint it seems more illogical to think that we are the only ones in the vastness of space (should it not be a hologram). The Drake Equation comes to mind-billions of planets created from the big bang and ‘we’ are the only ones, it seems too improbable a fact to be able to stand by. Cover ups by the powers that be because the majority are not mature enough to take the truth is not unusual and stories regarding intricate misleading stories to keep the masses blinded to the reality are again numerous. With the last questions we ask, ‘what will happen post disclosure’ he answers with his usual passion?

‘If I was to see evidence of serious problems post disclosure then I would say-it’s important that whatever happens that this idea that an elite few only know the truth is unacceptable. I do not know how it will end up but we have a lot of evidence that is encouraging. We know that there are more than one type of extra-terrestrial and there is evidence that they work together. People sometimes talk about being ‘believers’ of alien existence but I hate that term. When you say ‘believer’ you are in essence falling into the discourse and tactics of the government and those who have power. You do not believe in aliens you see the facts and know that they are real.’

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