July 28, 2017


By itchysilk In PHOTOGRAPHY

It took us a while but finally we were able to get some time to talk with the brilliant German artist, Stephan Brenn-a tour de force of creativity.

Stephan Brenn’s intriguing projects are built on a foundation of simplicity and it is his ability to make the simple interesting that is an art within itself.

Initially a glass worker he diversified into the art world in the 80’s and has proceeded to create works that will evidently stand the test of time. From installations, paintings, sculptures to of course photography his explorations are in essence about the everyday and finding wonder in the everyday.

It’s a powerful idea which has even more relevance in today’s world. Blugeoned by the Macdonalisation of the world where speed is god -Brenn requires us to slow down and appreciate.

Stephan Brenn

Stephan we always like to get an idea of the creative journey of people-we are aware that you are more than just a photographer?

After starting as a stained glass artist in the 1980 years, I became a painter. After some years of painting I decided to destroy all these paintings and I started the artistic path that I am treading to this day. I am collecting, observing and exploring-I am an explorer of the unseen. I have a fascination with the unwanted, wasted and leftover objects. My work is based on found material, showed as ready made, wire drawing, light projections and photography.

We note that creatively you oscillate between different mediums regularly.

For me it is interesting to find out the facets of the material I find. It is the storytelling of the material that makes me walk in different styles and artworks.

And following on from the previous question-creatively what do these different mediums allow you to explore?

When I work with the original material I can show the real history of the material. In light works it is possible to transform the material into light and shadow. I have created a number of shows where I show light performances on buildings and in different collaborations with musicians, dancers and performers. In my photography I turned  the material into the idea of material. I try to work with the original material and transform it with the language of light into a special way of photography. The idea is to show real existing material in process with the influence of light. The idea is to show real material in an subjective light.

A perfect synergy?

Yes. The translation works with light really well. I love working with overhead projectors and in my photography I find that I gravitate to using an East German projectors named Polylux.

How does your photography in a way reflect your different creative interests from installations to written word?

In a way, all the different ways to create  come together. The photography is the reaction of my lightwork…

The you publicise on your are engaging.

For me is a platform for me to show directly the different motivations and inspirations in my artistic life. In terms of how or what I look for in an image that is more difficult to say. I literally wake up in the morning and then decide on the spur of the moment what I want to show to the public.

Image by Stephan Brenn

Who or what inspires your images?

In a way the material I find in my world is the most inspiring thing.

What further photographic projects do you have coming up?

I have just started with a project based on the dialog between colour in white light…

If Stephan Brenn was a book what book would he be?

Der Fremde von Albert Camus