December 18, 2016


By itchysilk In MUSIC

Christopher Taylor better known by his moniker SOHN has been at the forefront of electronica music since 2005 releasing three albums as Trouble Over Tokyo. Despite some credible co-signs by publications like the Guardian however Taylor eventually stopped releasing material as TOT and began putting out material as SOHN in 2010.

It was this change which seemed to be the missing ingredient to larger successes which by all accounts his eerie falsetto vocal and crafted production deserved. Since releasing the singles Oscillate and Warnings as debuts under his new name, SOHN (it safe to say) has built a name synonymous with atmospheric, occasionally oppressive and always evocative electronica that has become his signature. His debut album Tremors (2014) evidently cemented the praise that was heaped upon his production and mastery of electronica. Work with names like the baritone awesomeness of Kwabs has followed but of course fans have been waiting for the follow-up album to that initial debut and low and behold the wait is almost over.

His new album called Rennen (from the German word for ‘race’) was released on the 4AD label and the sophomore seems destined to build on his debut. Cuts already out whetting the appetite-the emotive title track, a cut called Conrad and Signal a track of supreme that manages to bring elements of rnb flourishes with electronica and a hypnotic drum pattern-stand out cut so far.

With the album, due for release on the 13 01 17 SOHN’s contribution will be an essential acquisition.