November 16, 2016


By itchysilk In PHOTOGRAPHY

In this juncture #itchysilk takes in the images of Sergio Clavel aka RAW  the South Mexican by birth but based in Los Angeles street photographer bringing the raw reality of the street homeless in all its, visceral, uncomfortable, gritty and sometimes strangely beautiful glory.


So firstly are you a professional or would you consider photography more as a hobby?

Although I don’t get paid for my street photography, I consider myself a full-time photographer. It’s not just a “hobby” due to the fact that I’m always walking the streets shooting everything that catches my attention such as street portraits and people in general.

So of course your passion for photography runs deep.

I have been a fan of photography since I was little. I would spend hours looking at family photos and entire photo albums. At school, I would always pick magazines like NatGeo over reading books. I used to go to 18+ clubs with my friends and they had these photo booths where people would get their pictures taken. I thought it was so so cool. It caught my attention so that’s when I bought my first dslr back in 2008. I discovered that this is my passion because that’s the only thing I didn’t complain about doing!

Maybe some might look down on street photography but why is it important?

Street photography is important because it brings awareness to many. It shows the real side of the things that go on in the real word. The raw, unplanned, un-staged, side of things. Street photography shows the face of the world that not many have seen for whatever reasons that might be.

Your inspirations must be really varied?

Of course-I try to stay inspired all the time. I get inspiration by other fellow street and urban photographers, or any other different types of photography that I think it’s cool and creative. That has allowed me and pushed me to get better at what I do and to pick my photography subjects a little better.

There’s a real energy and sensitively portrayed in your images of the homeless which we really like.

Homeless people are usually just so enigmatic which makes them interesting subjects to capture. Besides being attracted by their visual appeal, I love to transmit the feeling of being important and wanted. These people have personal problems and I like to help them even if it’s by just putting a smile on thee faces or giving them a few bucks.

Hopes for your career?

Eventually, I would love to make a street photography book where all my street portraits are shown in high resolution and full color.