July 8, 2017


By itchysilk In MUSIC

If you check the #itchysilk music back catalogue you will know we like our based verbalist .

In previous posts we have celebrated Nick’s ability to bring some cerebral slightly surreal down tempo hip-hop. Here he employs the services of Alpahabetsheaven. The based producer a bonafide talent and his discography brims with some special numbers-we are liking his most recent ep Stories fire.

Back to the man and track in question. Nick manages to unleash two-time ferocity on the jungle inspired sound of Ghost. Here Nick ensures we are aware that he can do the whole AK-47 style as well as the weed enthused slow swaggerdocious flow evident on his 07946 release.

In what should be something tidy Nick and Alphabetsheaven will be embarking on a live show across and Europe this year (dates not set)-we sense a seriously messy live treat when they perform Ghost.