November 21, 2016


By itchysilk In MUSIC

So here we go for something slightly different from a outfit called Metal Theft Gang. In fact one part of this outfit the creative and verbally loquacious who we featured a little while ago when he came out with his slightly leftfield bit of grittiness.

In somewhat of a departure from that aggy sound and his compatriots drop Iron a down-beat, trip-hop, industrial number complete with a rather ethereal voice courtesy of a singer called CRANE and a soothing bass running sweetly underneath. In the great of concept albums, MTG have created a track with more of a story than we might be used to-verbals state,

‘How one girl’s obsession with metal changed her fate forever. A misspent youth running on the tracks and playing round pylons equipped her for the risky and elaborate world of metal theft. Now Metal Theft Gang rule the streets, the scrap yards and the docks with an iron fist and an extremely large electromagnet.’

Absolutely love it for its far out, off kilter, creative energy giving a big knobbly middle finger for the commercial industry to sit on.

In the meantime while the industry gets uncomfortable, we look forward to more conceptually engaging material.

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