January 31, 2019


By itchysilk In MUSIC

Known for her deep and emotive drum and bass sets that push the boundaries as well as paying homage to its foundation, Mantra is part of the first Red Bull Refractions event on Friday February 1st at Egg LDN.

Alongside her flourishing dj career that will see her launch her own club night Spirit Level in April and play at Hospitality on the Beach and The Outlook Festival this summer, Mantra also founded the Rupture label and club night alongside her partner, Double O. Community work also plays a vital role in Mantra’s life and in December she started EQ50 to mentor and support women within the heavily male dominated drum and bass genre. 

Marshalling her intense musical passion check out her 5 Emerging Artists below. 

Emerging Artists To Watch (‘it was so hard to narrow it down!’)

Mani Festo

He used to produce under the ‘Cousins’ alias on Swamp 81 and has now moved over to jungle. He has a real signature sound and makes incredible music at a wide range of tempos.  Whether it’s a jungle tune with his trademark edits or a cold d&b stepper his tunes are solid, chunky and a real buzz to mix. His debut EP ‘Hold the Line’ on Rupture will be dropping mid March. 

Shiken Hanzo

Has had releases on Samurai and Cylon…think sparse darkness from the depth of a Japanese temple (even though he’s from Chelmsford!). Proper stealth assassin music with off kilter percussion.


He’s been sending music for a little while and when I play one of his tracks it’s guaranteed someone will ask me for an ID! Rugged, industrial, militant drum and bass just the way I like it! Really pleased to be releasing his music on Rupture later in the year.


She’s an amazing DJ from Amsterdam. An avid vinyl collector who plays a really wide range of brilliant weird and wonky d&b. You can check out her bi weekly radio show Polyclinique Redux on jungletrain.net 

This set is particularly great


He’s just been exclusively signed to Metalheadz which is amazing. His forthcoming music totally blew my socks off and it’s just the kind of music you’d hope the legendary label Metalheadz would be releasing in 2019. There are about 3 Quartz tunes in particular that I’ve been playing out that I call my ‘safety tunes’. They’re great to mix, really fill out the room and can be used as transition tools to move your set any which way. 

Mantra joins Alix Perez AND Breakage in the Basement at the Red Bull Refractions event this Friday February 1st at Egg LDN. On the Middle Floor you can catch Dub Phizix & Strategy, DJ Randall, DJ Die whilst in Cell 200, catch Lenzman and Fabio doing a Liquid Classics set whilst in The Loft, Kyrist, DLR & Gusto and many more reign down the beats. All info www.egglondon.co.uk