November 22, 2016


By itchysilk In MUSIC

# has a confession- a huge musical crush for the smoky, tingling vocal talent of the Shreveport born singer-songwriter Maggie Koerner signed to the Re’ Coup’ D label. The crush has been forged by an all-consuming urge, bordering on OCD to play her title track from her ep Dig Down Deep constantly-when walking to work, when walking to the gym, generally just walking and indeed whenever the urge arises which is frequent.

The track produced by Fin Henwall who was behind hits for esteemed names like Amy Winehouse and is a brooding number with elements of New Orlean’s  and gospel punctuating every second of this 6 minute or so cut.

It grabs from the opening electric guitar strums and proceeds (as the track states) to draw you deep, deep down deep as the kick drum, Koerner’s vocals and keys add layer upon layer. Her vocals almost unnervingly transmitting the emotional context and power behind each and every word as the hypnotic hook and chorus do what they are supposed to do. We subsequently get caught in her yearnings and we acquiesce to Koerner’s over-arching aim to,

‘make people feel again, to ask questions about what the hell is happening around us’

The track reaches a satisfying crescendo before slowly but surely deconstructing and taking us on a tangent as psychedelic like noises take us to the realm of the slightly surreal and the inner recesses of our minds, and thoughts.

As lead singles go this is a totally convincing introduction to her 4 track ep out on the 09 12 16 on Ninja Tunes and firmly states that her forthcoming project is a must for the listening public.