September 12, 2020


By itchysilk In MUSIC

one of the biggest stars from the reality show Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood releases her third album Bad Hair Day (2020) on the Riveting label. It is twelve-tracks of sterling RnB. In truth we must admit here at #itchysilk we had not sampled the music of before.

That said, Bad Hair Day is a bona fide project. Added kudos-this is an album where she “took full control over her sound”. We probably should have expected this calibre of project. After all, she is a Grammy winning singer-songwriter having written for a whole host of big names like Queen Bey. Still, having reviewed countless projects and artists, an association with a big name/s is not always a prerequisite to quality output particularly when said artist/s are creating their own work.

The aforementioned comment aside, Bad Hair Day is a big RnB project brimming with emotional depth and candour. This is plain to see when checking her playlist. The absence of any highlight collabos is glaring. Prior projects have been littered with names like Wiz Khalifa, Ty Dolla and Chris Brown. Ironically, highlight names can detract or mitigate quality. People can assume said success is due to the names rather than the quality. In terms of this project however all success is due to Lyrica Anderson. From concept to vision to execution and more it is all her.

It is apt that highlight names (at least on the album) are absent. This is baring her soul using (we assume) the much publicised break-up with A1 Bentley as a catalyst for her song-writing/catharsis. It adds honesty to her song writing. This is more than a moneymaking project. It does what all-great music does: express real genuine emotions.

To that effect when absorbing this album, look at it as an emotional rollercoaster. Bad Hair Day literally pulses with all the raw fluctuations that breaks-up/relationships cause from: anger, despair, hope, and the occasional urge for some random sexual liaison with a man, woman or both.

It is an album full of great RnB jams, with tight production and of course, engaging song writing, a credit to Lyrica Anderson.

Have to say particularly love Marriot-REWIND!