April 1, 2017


By itchysilk In MUSIC

We received the immersive track Waters a little while back from an artist called Kidepo.

He initially came out three years ago with a track called Reds and if we take ourselves back three years ago Reds was indeed a different sound; ambient, indie, dreamy and if you listen quite dark -it was a great track. It is this great track that has allowed Kidepo to return an eternity later with his new cut.

Waters is again a sonically different. It’s a slow burner of a track kicking off with a sound that conjures of a sun rising on a desolate desert as a snake slowly slithers into the revitalising sun. Ugandan by birth Kidepo subsequently steps in with his distinctive vocal which has that yearning quality while the piano based track keeps us true as we intently listen to the track’s conclusion.

It’s an awesome re-introduction that should set a new foundation for Kidepo to unleash some tidy -we wait.