September 29, 2022


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Music notoriously fickle and unpredictable. Even great singers or musicians do not always make it. Some disappear into the musical ether of “wonder why they did not make it?”

Interestingly one of our writers interview the brilliant singer Kay Young from the for . They had interviewed Kay Young some ten years ago about her music.

She seemed destined for success with ample amounts of talent, drive, and a great voice. But after the interview it all went (it seems a bit quiet).

A decade later from that interview he talks to Kay Young who features on the brilliant project Blue Note Re:imagined with her version of Feel Like Making Love by Marlena Shaw.

The project sees some of the best talent-NubiyanTwist, Swindle, Theon Cross, Daniel Casimir, Cherise, Oscar Jerome and of course Kay Young. It names like this who show why the jazz scene is vibrant and blossoming.

Before getting onto the reason we are talking to you, tell us about your career 10 years since we met?

A lot has happened. I took time out probably a year after we met to really discover who I was as a person because music was all I had ever known and did. I wanted to know who I was beyond that. What was supposed to be a 6 month break turned into 2 years.

I did a lot of travelling and got used to being still. In that stillness I learnt a lot about myself without the noise. As much as I felt grounded in who I was, the passion that I had for music began to fade. I became very fearful which scared the heck out of me because it had never happened to me. I tried not to panic and did not force trying to create something.

My beat videos caught the attention of Jay which led to Jay-Z to signing me to Roc Nation for 2 years.

So how did that passion return?

Just over time really, I would get sparks of ideas…not enough to start a fire but enough for me to realise my passion was still there.

I did a thirty beat challenge on my socials to put myself back out there again. In doing that I gained confidence and a solid following- I felt like I was on to something! My beat videos caught the attention of Jay which led to Jay-Z to signing me to Roc Nation for 2 years.

So one beat tape, and two EP’s later… I am here!

Has it been a struggle to keep the music going when of course we know music can be fickle and at time full of disappointment ?

You have to ask yourself how much you really want it because this industry is not easy. Daily, I have to remind myself why I am doing this and to never take my eye of my goal- I want to be free to create music and I want to be able to provide for my family. There will be difficulties, but the end result will be worth the ride.

Blue Note -Reimagined second edition what a great project but personally for you what may you say “yes” let me be involved in this project?

It was honour to be asked but I also wanted to do the original song justice-Blue Note has a rich history of legendary artist. I needed to do my best.

Jazz representing hard.

The jazz scene is in a great place at the moment. The talent that is coming out of the is next level and the musicians are young and hungry. It is projects like Blue Note Reimagined that help to elevate us up and coming artists which is amazing.

You feature on your massive track for the album-what were the challenges for you in taking this track on and indeed did you have a choice or is this what you were given?

I pushed myself vocally on this one, I hit some notes I did not even know I could hit. I absolutely love the original and wanted to make sure I did not rubbish it.

What is in the pipelines for you musically or indeed any other projects?

I have a new EP coming very soon of which I am excited about.

Blue Note Re:imagined II is released on 30th September via Blue Note Records