June 21, 2017


By itchysilk In MUSIC

We would be trying to get away with a huge lie if we were to suggest we were aware of Kàryyn before but now we are aware and we are glad.

The lady with more mix than a cocktail being of Syrian, Armenian and American heritage a multi-talented lady being a producer, singer, artist and a composer. In fact, as a composer, Kàryyn is already a name having worked with the famed Yugoslavian performer Marina Abramović.

While it would be fair to say that she a ‘new’ name she does have all the credentials to take her name into the higher realms of the music world. Her current batch of music exists on many levels leaving the listener with an emotional energy that is hard to leave. It’s an electronic gorgeous cacophony of sound that has an intelligent structure that suggests it been created off the back of many incarnations before the product was deemed fit for public consumption.

Two months ago, she dropped Quanta 1 which featured two tracks- the stand out being Aleppo (with an obvious connection to her Syrian heritage) a beautiful yet slightly dis-orientating bass driven number which toys with industrial sounds while Kàryyn reaches the higher octaves.

Off the back of that previous project her latest release Quanta 11 with a duo of tracks again-Purgatory and the most recent release Yanja put out on her own label (Antevasin). Yanja at its heart a track about being emotionally naked a liberating but ultimately place for many of us.

There are obvious comparisons to other artists being made off the back of a small amount of music. Indeed, she has set her own musical bar very high but that surreal slightly mysterious energy highly addictive in today’s musical climate. She will evidently have much material to unleash on us so we think Kàrynn is certainly one to keep an eye on.