August 1, 2017


By itchysilk In MUSIC

While his name conjures up of an over-zealous reverend preaching the word, JD Reid is a producer plying his trade with lashings of aplomb.

Hailing from North JD Reid’s name has become synonymous with tight beat and cultured production. Artists like Katy B, Sinead Hartnett and Mabel singing his praises with confidence and why not?

It was JD Reid’s ep io released on Rinse FM’s label ep which put him firmly on the musical chart. It was a serious 5 track ep flowing with ease through dub-step, grime and influences. Stand out cut being Roshi featuring grime legend Double E.

While ‘io’ showcased his abilities to bring his own individualistic style to the genres, JD Reid (a Rinse FM DJ) is a chameleon of sounds. Emancipation on the io ep evidently point to his love of -it’s a gorgeous almost slow jam number. Previous releases like What It Is (2015) showcased his ability to step-into ambient type sounds again to great effect. His Edits and Beats Vol 2 (2017) adding further dimension showcasing his ability to remix the shit out of tracks and make them his own. His refit of ’s She’s A Bitch (1999) on the ep almost un-recognisable from the high-octane qualities of the original. His Doin’ Baile a further cut of quality. JD Reid takes LL Cool J’s Doin’ It (1994) and samples it with glaring finesse.

So, you get the picture. JD Reid is a producer of supreme and eclectic talent. The current Calibrate ep sees him add to his burgeoning discography with another project. It’s a harder edge affair in the main and features collaborations from some heavy weight verbalists.

Opening title track manages to sound hard and ethereal all at the same time. It is a tidy intro to the full ep. From there on in, its JD Reid and his chosen verbalists forming a unity of sonic bullishness. Kojey Radical steps up on Breathe and his slightly breathless lyrics accompany a tearing bassline. Next up; Oscar #WorldPeace, Slowthai and 808 Ink on Interior which does not abate in that hard edge that seems JD Reid reason ’etre on this project. Hodgy the US rapper signed to Tyler The Creator’s Odd Future label tears it up with some double time on the rap cross-over appeal of Chef. Last up is the lyrically blessed on Ready-it’s the track most easily categorised being a clear grime track.

Calibrate is an ep characterised by productive and inventive quality. While JD Reid will not be in the pulpit any time soon, he is highly blessed.