November 17, 2020


By itchysilk In MUSIC

As always with our premieres on #itchysilk. This week we are featuring the talents of Chi Town based artist E J Jackson. In truth we cannot lie. We had not heard of the singer-songwriter until receiving the obligatory press release unveiling his latest cut Motivation.

Before getting into the specifics, let’s do a background check. 

He released the woozy Back Around track feat Atlanta’s ELHAE and Easier featuring Mila J in 2019. However, we wanted to go back further. But unfortunately, either we have not searched well or EJ Jackson keeping his history a bit coy. 

However, what we did find out the following:

Checking his SoundCloud EJ Jackson has been pushing his brand of “alternative R&B” (public ally) since circa 2015/16 (it would seem). And there are some good early cuts. We liked Light Me Up (circa 2017/18). It a soulful ocean drive type of R&B where EJ Jackson shows he not averse to unleashing a few rap verses. 

Superficial research done we go to Motivation where co-signs for the track come from Grammy Award winning names , Keri Hilson and world-renowned radio personality Sway Calloway on Sirius XM, and rightly so.  

The track a clear nod to that classic era of 90’s R&B from the sound to the video. Key components for that 90’s nod; track opens with some fire bars from a hot rapper (tick) Big K.R.I.T, EJ then drops in his seductive verses waxing lyrical about the way he will love up a beautiful woman (tick), gorgeous girl writhing seductively over the singer (tick)-not sure who the hottie though (please tell us).

Evidently there are more components to that 90’s R&B vibe, but you can check that out independently. Ultimately the 90’s was a great era and those key components worked. Why fix something that ain’t broke?

Motivation co-produced by CozyNobi and Aaron Day has radio play written all over it. Once those damn open it will defo be a slow jam/ baby making banger!