November 24, 2020


By itchysilk In MUSIC

At 18 years of age, alternative rapper is still fresh to the ‘game’. Of course, anything can happen, and success is never guaranteed. With that said following on from the ‘Drake effect’ (we think) Canadian has made a good start. This year she has released two singles. The most successful (to date) being Under Cover Comfort (February 2020) released on Mojo Records and Publishing amassing quarter of a million hits (and counting) on Spotify.

The key when considering is the fact that she is ‘alternative’. Categorisation is the bane of every independent artists, but it is apt. In the face of female rappers pushing that formulaic brash, over sexualised energy, her current output is anything but that. Indeed, Under Cover Comfort is a subtle and candid exploration. It showcases an astute story-telling/song-writing ability as she talks about a relationship. Through the track, she smoothly transitions from poetic raps in one verse to singing in the next.

Lyrically, Golden Lies delves into the naivety of a first relationship as the subject matter.

Approaching the end of the year and Lilian Blue Makin drops her third single Golden Lies.

We have to say this is the best of her three release. It shows progression as one would expect veering into a sound we coin melancholic joy bringing something that could be best described as folk hip-hop. It features a singer we did not know before Mighloe. Have to say we are now fans of Mighloe’s seductive dreamy vocals.

The paired down production duties come from; Miles Jones (who founded Mojo records in Canada), Frank Dukes who has worked with names like Frank Ocean and Lillian Blue Makin. The addition of Jones and Dukes are significant-they have faith in her talent.

Lyrically, Golden Lies delves into the naivety of a first relationship as the subject matter. It could be seen as a follow on from Under Cover Comfort. The track details the to and fro emotional battle in this young relationship while hinting this is an exploration of sexuality as well- “face between those golden thighs”. Lillian Blue Makin beautifully captures that fresh journey into a relationship with simple yet thought provoking and memorable lines.

“I’m shy, slightly insecure”, “tell my ears the truth but speak with exaggeration to my heart and soul” “hold the youth of this love with care”.

Lillian Blue Makin is an alternatively intriguing artist.