September 24, 2019


By itchysilk In MUSIC

In this #intothevaults we go to the husband and wife duo of (singer /song writer) Linda Womack and (/songwriter and vocalist) Cecil Womack better known as Womack and Womack. Prolific in the early 80’s right up to the early noughties, the duo released some nine albums. Both coming from illustrious musical families-Linda Womack her father was the great Sam Cooke while the great Bobby Womack was Cecil’s brother-perhaps their success was no surprise.

That success was seen with great cuts like the amazing and atmospheric soulful cut, TKO off their debut album Love Wars (1984) featuring the distinctive bass chords from Nathan East and Uptown from their fifth album Family Spirit (1991). Their relationship helped produce some of the greatest numbers exploring love and relationships but ultimately the Womack’s were accomplished and well sought after for their song-writing and production. Hits for names like , George Benson, Eric Clapton and more evidently speak volumes.

We could have gone for a plethora of classic cuts but here we decided to go with Teardrops from their fourth album Conscience (1988). The up-tempo number has seen many cover versions-check the XX’s 2009 down tempo electro-pop version. While the XX must be commended for taking on the challenge to rework a track as well-known as this, it must be said their version falls way short of the sheer magic of the original.

The original track transports you back to an era where (it seems) talented musicians were in abundance and where music maintained an organic quality. That organic feel evident in the video for Teardrops which simply sees Womack and Womack with the band recording in the studio. And while that look and feel in the video would have been part of the whole treatment for the video, that early 80’s look juxtaposed by the effortless feel of Linda Womack and her backing vocalist laying down the vocals with Cecil Womack nodding as the track is laid down is on point.

Teardrops (forgive the cliche) is a timeless classic.