May 8, 2017


By itchysilk In MUSIC

Back again with an Into The Vaults and this time we go with house producer Louis aka Marvin Burns’ French Kiss.

The Chicago native has been around for what seems an eternity being part of that illustrious collection of house producers who pushed this addictive genre to the fore in the early 80’s. His contemporaries were/are names like; the late Frankie Knuckles who brought the seminal Your Love (1986) which helped propel the movement, Ron Hardy-think his debut Future Sound Of Chicago Vol 2 (1996) and of course the outfit Hot Mix 5.

Widely recognised as one of the most important tracks in the house pantheon, French Kiss achieved seventh place in the top one hundred biggest tracks of all time .

Rhythmic synths with a kick ass bass grab you by the back of the neck and transport you into a world of hypnotic energy where a two-step flow helps for hedonistic fuelled, drug fuelled (should you wish) raving. Synth horns call you to action before the distinct claps burst onto the scene at around two minutes into this ten minute classic. Winding you up into a ball of energy reminiscent of magnesium on water you fizz with uncontrollable abandonment the tempo (initially) does not change yet the track seems to be winding up and up then suddenly there’s a change in pace…throwing the raver as the track slows and slows almost to a stop…..we hear the moans of a female clearly in sexual ecstasy-porn groove on full display and then suddenly the track starts to pick up pace again, while the intense sounds of sexual groans continue…this satisfying…and then……bang we out of the break and back on that original pace fully engulfed, engorged and willing to get back in the trance that is the unique French Kiss.