November 27, 2022


By itchysilk In MUSIC

If you are new to jungle/drum and bass, aka ‘work engine’ the emcees’ emcee part of the legendary SASASAS crew and sparring partner with the legend Skibbadee. While the legends’ legend continues to blaze a trail over three decades in the scene. There at the inception of the scene, Frost a bonafide founding father.

Of course we are used to hearing these two go in on cantankerous riddims. In this juncture (as the name of the project states), the vibes are definitely liquid.

This collabo certainly starts off on that ‘liquid and bars’ tempo. Frost rocks out sublime and cultured mixes while Harry weaves creative lyrical artistry. Loving his ode (as it were) to Skibaddee where he talks emotionally about his impact. Frost in turn really goes through the mixing gears, building emotive intensity while experimenting with different genres within that liquid vibe brief.

Of course as stated we know these two for heavy weight jungle/drum n bass vibes and true to nature, Frost begins to build the vibes as we move through the mix. In turn Shotta’s lyrics get harder and more militant. His brief lesson on the history of jungle and its true relevance to drum n bass great.

In the close out track, Frost takes it back to a more mellow liquid vibe signing off this forty min mix-tidy.