February 12, 2018


By itchysilk In MUSIC

It’s no secret that we like Fifi Rong. She an all-round artist who evidently enjoys, relishes and most definitely survives on pushing her creative self. With her phenomenal musical work rate, it’s no surprise that she starts off 2018 with another release to add to her burgeoning discography.

That release comes in the shape of her new four track ep Awake due for release on the 23 02 18. To start the obligatory promotional affair of the ep, Fifi Rong released the rather stunning title track on the 09 02 18.

mere surface reading of the verbals will mean you miss the essence.

Awake opens with cinematic like 80’s vintage sythns before launching into an electronica journey that pulsates with a warm satisfying verve. Lyrically a strong hook and chorus comes courtesy of poetic delicacy and simplicity. But exploration of said lyrics imperative. Like the best mere surface reading of the verbals will mean you miss the essence. You need to dig deeper. With the help of the video directed by German outfit FussOff  we get a deeper understanding.

On surface level Fifi Rong seems to be expressing thoughts about a relationship as she talks about cherishing ‘a kiss’. We have another interpretation. To an extent the single feels like she talking about her life as Fifi Rong the artist and the person. There is of course the Fifi Rong who sings, produces, writes and is pushing her music career. Then there is the Fifi that only she knows. Minus wigs, extensions, earrings and make-up.

However, you interpret the single, it a brilliant opener. Blessed with great lyrics, tidy video and a thought provoking concept that is a great foundation for the forthcoming ep.

Images by Pako Quijada