November 12, 2017


By itchysilk In MUSIC

someone we keep on coming back to. In a way we are really charting her continued rise to…whatever the gods and her work ethic may bring. In some ways she’s like this case-study which is why we are so interested.

As you may know, we dropped a short piece when she put out her single Future Never Comes in 2016. Since then a multitude of live performances and projects have dropped.

More recently, took a slightly different sonic trajectory. We know her electro vibes but with the current single The One (the last in a trilogy of singles) she introduces something different. It’s a track blessed by a reggae, dub type sound and it was a bit of a surprise. That said, clear that if anything this sound has always been a part of her musical character-ergo it’s not a surprise.

‘I think the song writing on the classic side of a song but it’s unintentional, it’s just what I do naturally. People have seen the production as sounding somewhat sunny but that’s not how I see it. I see it as a quirky production idea to begin with. It’s one that takes me back to my roots in music-the bass and how I fell in love with music. Dub and delay always something I dance around to when it comes to production. So, on the whole it’s an evolution to have such all-encompassing elements covered in one track.’

Ultimately the sign of a true musician an ability to take their hand to different genres, add their individual character and of course make people still want to purchase/support. This current single is of course part of the long-term plans of Rong-domination. She’s working on an album and keeps her growing fans base happy with regular musical injections.

‘I want to do an album, but it takes longer to get right. I just have EPs and singles in-between to pace myself and prepare my audience for the album’.

So as the year hurtles to darkness at 4pm, frost in the morning and a hankering for a 6 tog duvet- keeps up her productivity.  Here at #itchysilk we will keep you abreast of any news regarding the mercurial and talented enigma.