December 22, 2016


By itchysilk In MUSIC

Beijng born singer/songwriter and self-taught producer Fifi Rong has, through sheer force of character and an immense work ethic placed herself in a position where 2017 could be her year.

While many artists might want their procrastinating and lucklustre attempts at success vindicated by stories of over-night success, the reality is, success is a road punctuated by dead ends, long journeys, the occasional highway man (or woman) followed by success-it’s a multitude of character building exercises.

So, with the hard-work a given for the seductive Fifi, success is slowly but ever so surely bearing down on Fifi. Collaborations with a multitude of names have ensued. Most notably this year she worked with electronic duo Yello on the single Lost In Motion and from a UK perspective she went to the next level when she featured on emcee of the moment Skepta’s title track Konnichiwa from his album. She is now firmly in the sights of music fraternity.

Of course, colloborations are helpful but the real proof of the talent is evidently derived from an individual’s own material and Fifi has a bountiful discography. Heaving with her tell-tale signature of electronica ambient flushes infused with genres like jazz and trip-hop, her tidy production and of course her rather addictive vocal which rests somewhere between Beijing and a delivery akin to an opera singer making every word a dramatic moment, social media is attentive. Her current single is the ethereal Future Never Comes complete with the trippy official video encapsulating all that embodies the Fifi Rong experience.

With her fan base increasing like the ego of Donald Trump on a special brand of egotistical cocaine Fifi is a name that #itchysilk is backing for a great 2017. An invite to perform at the renowned SXSW in March 2017 is of course the perfect starter to that campaign for global recognition. Indeed, her best laid plans are taking shape and becoming a reality filled with a well-deserved promise.

Image by Manfred H Vogel