August 2, 2022


By itchysilk In PHOTOGRAPHY

In our on-going focus on Nigeria, here we talk to Farid Ibrahim Daba a young who started his “creative journey” in 2017.  Despite his relatively career here at # we feel he manages to capture telling poignant images of youths who are intent on making their voices heard.   

Farid Ibrahim

Tell us about you-where are you from (in Nigeria), how old are you, what are you studying?

I have always had love for Art. Growing up I would watch my brother draw. Seeing people create Art amazes me. Creating art has been a wish for many years.  My journey into art began in 2017 when my friend started mobile photography. I decided to jump into it creating and landscape photography. I stopped at some point though due to school but eventually I took the big step during the lockdown.  Since then, I have been exploring and learning in this field.

Has it been difficult to pursue your passion?

Personally, the issue of creativity and innovation to my creative aspiration in is lack of access to gadgets to enhance my work. I think there’s a societal rigidity too in Nigeria to creativity which has bene a stumbling block.

Tell us the camera you are working with and how did you get it?

My first professional camera was the Nikon D3000 my brother bought it for me during the lockdown. I had zero clue to operate it but with the help of Youtube, I have been able to understand it. It was very limiting, but I tried a lot, and it was fun. 2021, my brother bought me my second camera which is the Canon 6d.

What inspires you to pick up your camera-what are you trying to capture?

My inspiration comes from many areas. I love the angles in movies, sports and music video-those images can really be amazing. I always wonder how it is done. Importantly with my continued learning within photography I understand that I must dedicate myself and put my effort into my creativity. They say, “a picture says a thousand words”. I want to capture a certain aura and define what fashion, style and beauty is.

Lastly your images capture a Nigerian ‘youth’ intent on being individual-particularly pertinent in the face of movements like ENDSARS?

youths are full of aspirations. They want to advance positively, and they have a quest for value-driven leadership. Many of them want economic prosperity and security among others. These aspirations of the youths are not given the platform to thrive thereby leaving most of these youths frustrated. Nigerian youths are individual, and I try to embrace that ion the images I take.