November 30, 2020


By itchysilk In VERBALISTS

Efadel wants to live to write, but she muses a lot. When she not musing, she also wants to do many other things. She lives in but wants to travel around the world, meet their people and observe their eyes, see their colours, enjoy their music, learn their songs and dances, taste their delicacies, and learn their stories. She wants to inspire conversations, learning, hope, love, and life. She believes that words can stir weary souls and awaken dead consciences. She is often tired and afraid though and wishes she doesn’t have to worry about money. But she wants to fly tired and afraid, and when she cannot fly, she will run, or walk, or crawl, or even sleep, hoping that when she wakes up, she can try again. She knows in part and is looking forward to that Day when she will know fully, even as she has been fully known. Sometimes, her musings resemble poetry or prose. Sometimes, it is just long strings of words. For now, you can find some of those at