August 30, 2022


By itchysilk In THE ITCH

As if a sudden urge took my very body over, after ages of deliberation I knew I had to go hers …I called said wanted to meet up…it was an easy call “no qualms let me know”…. this was meant to be a chill hangout for a couple of hours;

jammed and drank alcohol, we showed off our abilities, we slow danced and wined; I moved to her rhythm like new heaven. No doubt, I am no stub, I had no idea what I am, but I needed no dick to get me to heaven … or hell; depending on your perspective. Needless the categorising, the hours together was lit, X-lit.

We had just finished watching a movie.

Out of my playful self, I sat on her as she lay down in bed…Genuinely, for comfort, I

unclipped my bra …. I loved what came after.

She softly cupped my left breast, ran her finger on my super-sized nipple …. we moved in, kissed, clothes came off as quick as flash. I had no intentions to stop, I liked every touch. Once we ran water down our spine, onward we proceed to my dis-virgination.

I am a natural when it comes to giving head, she didn’t believe it’s a first time sucking / licking pussy …. salty salty sweet pussy, no gagging.