March 14, 2022


By itchysilk In THE ITCH

Our Nigerian heroine continues her exploration and finds someone who allows her to truly explore, experience and enjoy her sexual discovery. In this third series she enjoys a powerful physical liaison.

I am a natural when it comes to giving head, she didn’t believe it’s a first time sucking/licking pussy….salty salty sweet pussy, no gagging

A conversation has heated up. l liked all her pictures strong and soft, posey and artistic with a swaggering smile, seemingly not giving 2 fucks. I like it, I liked them all

C: Hi, you hot

A: Thanks, I like your swag

And that was it for that. A day or so  later …

C: Yesterday, I was assisting my mother with setting up her bed …

This message stamped a smile on my face and in other relevant places. I responded in similar manner

A: Yesterday, I was …

Following messages from C alluded a sense of she to be gentle and warm. I wanted more … I stay tuned on to her, conversation moved up to WhatsApp.

We met up the next day, open, hoping its nothing like the nut-head from my first hang-up. We walked in the cold April sunlight … we checked out selves, conversation was alright, both trying to be on best behaviour; I was freezing at same time trying to be friendly and she was too. Lockdown fuckeries, no joint to chill.

4 days later, I was at her’s … this was meant to be a chill hangout for a couple of hours; I went home the next morning.

jammed and drank alcohol, we showed off our abilities, we slow danced and wined; I moved to her rhythm like new heaven. No doubt, I am no stub, I had no idea what I am, but I needed no dick to get me to heaven … or hell, depending on your perspective. Needless the categorising, the hours together was lit, X-lit.

We had just finished watching a movie. Out of my playful self, I sat on her as she lay down in bed…Genuinely, for comfort, I un-clipped my bra …. I loved what came after. She softly cupped my left breast, ran her finger on my nipple …. we moved in, kissed, clothes came off as quick as flash. I had no intentions to stop, I liked every touch. Once we ran water done our spine, onward we proceed to my dis-virgination.

I am a natural when it comes to giving head, she didn’t believe it’s a first time sucking / licking pussy …. salty salty sweet pussy, no gagging.