January 19, 2022


By itchysilk In THE ITCH

As we continue in the quagmire of Coronavirus and the establishments’ insidious (and blatant attempts) to defy our rights to Democracy, we our delve into our second installment with our heroine. Here she immerses herself into the rabbit hole of emotional, psychological and sexual discovery.

This, I would describe as a bad experience…pushy,immature with elements of grandeur, her attempt at studding are whack with no class

Lockdown challenges, new adventures of online socialisation; so it begins, a March towards fulfilling my quest … my cousin (ride or die cousin) set me up with an account …. my pictures looking fly, feminine fly.

My intention made clear … causal, no commitments.

With over 100 likes from others and having no game to move conversations further. Though 3 initiated convo with me, 2 of which were friend zones situation – 1 of which we had a meaningful convo, am grateful for, taught me a thing……. more about astrology and spiritual alignment………she liked my cousin instead, but we remain in contact.

The other was a surface convo that moved on to Snapchat friends.

The feeling of being friend zoned was mutual, we looked same.

The first that start tuned on me asked me lots of questions and made me slightly insecure, insensitive comments …. all at 220 miles per hour … “why am I here”, … “to play games” … “I should not mess with her”, “I am not who I am”, “to verify myself”,  “people always messing with her”; no brakes applied; she requested my number, the voice notes followed, she sent a video of her crib.

I was taken aback, with reluctance…… I sent a voice note back to verify myself and made her aware her moves are upsetting, and am feeling pushed. She said sorry, requested a meeting to talk face to face, I declined. Few days later, she requested an impromptu meeting, I agreed, opened to second chances.  This, I would describe as a bad experience  … pushy, immature with elements of grandeur, her attempt at studding are whack with no class. All she wanted was to fuck, hotel booked and flashing a £10 and £5 in my face. Left me feeling disgusted that this person thinks £15 is money. I declined her spending her ‘big money’, instructed gently that she goes home and I walked away from the situation. She had a strong smell of trouble and problems, I wanted no part in.

Back to my likes, we are beautiful beings, I appreciated a number of profiles, friend requested about 8 but still had no game.

My convo mostly began with “Hi, good morning/ how u doing/ I am at work/ chat later/ you have a nice body/ the weather is nice/ what you up to”.

I really wanted to start convos with likes I felt were clear cut studs but didn’t have the balls … literally and figuratively!

Featured image Jordan Reznick