July 12, 2019


By itchysilk In MUSIC

Midnight forays of the itchysilk type led us to the UK rapper (first) and singer Deyah. While checking out our folder of to absorb, we came across the twenty-four year old Deyah and her latest project Lover/Loner.

As the title might suggest this a project which requires thought, cogitation and lashings of introspection. Why? Well Deyah puts you in that frame of mind. From the sonorous sonics of her rnb tinged tracks, to her verbals, the aim is catharsis. It’s a catharsis which comes through her own self-disclosure. And in her self-disclosure we can (and most likely all listeners of her project will) vicariously go through their own personal elements of catharsis as Lover/Loner transports you smoothly through sonic niceness.

It’s definitely healing for me to be able to speak about what I’m dealing with in the way that I know how. Messages of; forgiveness, value, and un-conditional love are woven throughout my music.

Why the change of name?

It’s nothing too exciting unfortunately! I was advised to change my name due to another artist having a similar name. So, to avoid confusion I chose another name.

Old age question when you have the rapper/singer combo?

Rapping definitely comes first to be honest. I only sing because chorus ideas only spring to my mind mid recording. I find it easier that I do it myself as opposed to going back and forth with another artist via email or whatever. So, it’s pretty much due to it being convenient.

Challenges are inevitable in -discuss.

I have to say that the road to for me has been very smooth in part but very challenging at the same time. The support only seemed to take form when I teamed up with a more established artist or featured on a popular platform. This wasn’t just down to the exposure I received. The fact that I was associated with a well-known platform or artist added more value to my craft.

In my journey there have been numerous funding applications which have been declined. A lot of the time I was ignored. So, I had to hustle. Indeed, in this industry you need to hustle. More importantly (of course) that you need to value your craft first. Ultimately, regardless of what others may think of your music, you still love and appreciate what you bring to the table.

Tell us about your first rather big project.

It was a long project. I think it was like seventeen or eighteen tracks long. I processed so many emotions through that tape. It was very self-reflective. I look back on it and I’m proud. I learnt so many lessons from the writing/recording and production side of things when creating it. That process has moulded the I create now.

There a common theme of introspection in the current project and catharsis is a big feature. Do you seek to heal yourself and others?

I would say so yes. There a healing aspect I hope listeners can gain from it for sure. It’s definitely healing for me to be able to speak about what I’m dealing with in the way that I know how. Messages of; forgiveness, value, and un-conditional love are woven throughout my music. I hope this provides perspective and aids a healing process for others.

Your latest project Lover/Loner receiving props. Talk about that title (we note you get more points in scrabble terms for being a LOVER).

That’s good to hear that you get more points for something positive. That’s a first! It’s usually the other way around. Lover/Loner quite a juxtaposition. It sums me up to be honest. I have so much love to give and I’m a great believer in love (which stems from my faith) but at the same time, I require a lot of alone time to recharge and reflect. Sometimes I don’t want to talk to or be around anyone at all but at the same time, deep down I have a deep love for humanity.

Just tell us briefly about the technical aspects of recording the project.

I recorded it in my flat using a cheap podcast mic and a homemade pop shield! I couldn’t quite afford studio so had to make do with what I could come up with. There were quite a few producers involved, none of whom I personally know but I found online. 

And the track which sums up the project best.

I’d say the track Home. It sums me up as a person quite well and it’s very current with my life situation. I wrote it two weeks before the EP release. At the last minute, I decided it needed to be included in the listing.