November 12, 2016


By itchysilk In MUSIC

Jon More and Matt Black are the duo better known as Coldcut returning in aural glory with their ep Only Heaven Knows due for release on the 25 11 16.

It seems almost strange to think that the duo has been pushing their sound since the 80’s when they trod with assurance into the musical landscape with their debut album, What’s That Noise (1989). It was not only a debut but also a benchmark for their prolonged musical careers. It featured 80’s legends of the time like; Lisa Stansfield, Yazz singer on the number 1 charting Only Way up (1988) and Queen Latifah-who featured on the US release-it was a debut that showed their pulling power even then.

What followed were numerous; albums, singles, remixes, mixes all with their brand of distinct sound. While putting out telling numbers, they also gave back and created that label of pedigree with its talented roster of huge artists. It’s a testament to the fact that these guys evidently live, breath and sweat copious amounts of music.

At the tail end of 2016 and they return like sprightly teenagers with a project that shows they remain deeply connected to the heartbeat of current music. The ep features names like the renowned master of eclectic hip-hop, Roots ‘witness da fitness’ Manuva on Only Heaven and the vocal class of Roses Gabor who features on the stomping, tear your t-shirt off and jump in an icy river, Donald’s Wig with its rolling anarchy inducing beat.

They have a show on the 03 12 16 at Jazz Café- will be there.

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