April 5, 2020


By itchysilk In MUSIC

At #itchysilk we like to push names who might have small followings and is such a name. This is in no way a slight on Anna Field. On the contrary, a social media presence heaving with followers is not always an indicator of the talent.

As is our practice we like to look through an artist’s past to get an idea of their present and future. After exploring her SoundCloud, presented an interesting situation. She’s had her SoundCloud for four years, and in truth her output has been minimal, but quantity can be another misleading indicator. While the output has been minimal, from three years on it safe to safe she has put out some quality cuts.

The Atlanta native put out the ep Pretty View three years ago on her SoundCloud page. It’s a good project (some sound quality issues) but think something akin to a Joni Mitchell type of energy. Granted, the second cut, Air Is Free is an anomaly on the ep being an /rock type cut. That cut aside, the ep is ostensibly a guitar driven project. In it, displays strong seasoned song-writing leaning to introspective forays laying bare her emotional spectrums. HELP as the third cut from that project is a slow burner with beguiling energy while the outro track Go is (for us) the stand-out number.

Since that ep has been sparing (to say the least) in her output-two cuts with one slated as ‘rough’ in three years but the one constant is again the good quality.

So, we come to her most recent cut Roses dropped a month ago.

“When I think about my ideal world I think about the beach, and the wind and the sun. So sonically I wanted it to have a beach/ nostalgic feel. I want the world to be soft and gentle and loving. Safe for everyone to be held and appreciated as individuals” 

And indeed, creates that world to a tee-mission accomplished. It is a beautiful wispy track, light serenades with trumpet flushes while Anna Field urges to acknowledge acceptance is in some ways the perfect elixir for happiness. Transporting us to this world is evidently the perfect isolation and in truth we loved it.

While we would always go for quality over the quantity obsessed world of modern day music, we do hope that will add just a bit more quantity and regularity to her output.