All Types of Photography Images

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Essential Gear for All Types of Photography Images


As a photographer you need to know your way around the different equipment necessary for capturing quality images. However, as a novice you may not be familiar with these items and their importance in the field of photography. Below is a list of essential gear necessary for all types of photography images.



The 50mm:-

More commonly known as the “nifty fifty” the Canon EF 50mm/1.8 STM is a great lens that allows you to capture noticeably better pictures as compared to the standard quality lens that may have come with your camera. Due to its effectiveness and affordable price these lens are highly recommended and should be part of every photographer’s cache.


A Power Bank:-

Anything with a USB connection can be charged using a power bank, including Go Pros, tablets, mobile phones and even some cameras. Most power banks have fast charging capabilities and a rugged lightweight design making them a perfect item for when you are on the go.


Memory Cards and Memory Card Holder:-

The size of all types of photography images taken from a DLSR camera can range from 4mb to 40mb depending on factors such as megapixels, censor, exposure, etc. To store these images you will probably require multiple memory cards which means that you will also need a memory card holder to keep them safe.


Tripod Stand and Tripod Head:-

When you start buying more expensive and heavier camera accessories you will want to make sure that your tripod can hold the weight. With a tripod head you can point the camera where you want with the help of a handy joystick.


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