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As we enter the political era of Trump we can rest assured that those with a love of money and opulence will undoubtedly profit under Trumpism-

‘more, more fucking more’-it will be a triumphant, yes to business!

In this piece our verbose #itchysilk social commentator, Flying Saucer discusses a move away from democracy and its brother in arms capitalism-to an ideology that supports real notions and structures of equality.

Communism as that great ideology of parity can (argues Flying Saucer) bring about a welcome change for the current global landscape moving away from movements of free market capitalism spouted by the father of that school of thought Milton Friedman.

Communism is not an extreme political ideology of the past and it is imperative we begin to view it as the only way we can move forward into the 21st century.

It’s an ideology which goes beyond the confines of human traits such as greed-it is an ideology promoting a collective interest in one another and in our world as wealth is shared and ideas of superiority (from a material/financial aspect at least) can be left behind as we seek collective ways to improve the lives of ALL.

Marx said that humans are in essence social-their nature is determined by the material and social conditions of the day-the economic base determines social relations. For this reason, the social relations of our capitalist work are determined on the basis of generating profit for the bourgeoisie. Under Communism, there would be a classless society and wealth would be generated for the common good. There would be no false consciousness or alienation, where (as we see now) a; race, ethnic group, a certain body of people can (in part) be judged on the commodities they produce, provide or consume.

We must now begin to see that the state is not class neutral. Lenin showed us the state has a class character. Under capitalism the state is run by the bourgeoisie or the business class and is designed to serve this class. Donald Trump’s presidential win should be seen as symbolic. According to Marxists the bourgeois democracy is not a democracy as there is no choice other than capitalism.

Communism, or worker ownership of the Means of Production, i.e. the way we create goods, gives way naturally to a classless society and is states Marx, the final stage of human development. Full Communism as yet has not been achieved and yet it must be attempted to avoid further disaster.

Why the urgency? Why do we need Communism now more than ever and why is Communism inevitable?-the Far Right. They have used nefarious arguments to bolster their stance for (in essence) an eradication of the ‘other’ and in recent years pose one of the greatest threats to minorities, the marginalised and displaced. This cannot be done under Capitalism which relies on the Far Right to renew itself, as was the case in Nazi Germany.

Moreover, we all now see that Capitalism creates rather than solves the issue of poverty. Around the world over 80 per cent of people live on less than $10 per day. People are starving in our world and yet we are encouraged by the system to turn a blind eye as we are grateful that we are not in ‘their’ position because ‘we’ HAVE. From driving our car, using our large OLED 4k tv, texting on our large screen super-fast all connecting mobile phone, sending an email on the latest steel encased Mac Book, opening our fridge to a variety of organic foods, vibrant with colour so we can achieve our five-day and indeed sleeping on our ergonomically designed comfortable beds with memory foam. Yes we realise that there are those who have less and yes we might have a direct debit set up after a manipulative and emotional ad campaign pleading for monthly payments to help a starving African child covered in flies with dry lips and emaciated but we are addicted-we are slaves of capitalism and materialism-‘please Capitalism can I have some more?’ Neoliberal Capitalism and globalisation have only exacerbated the problem of poverty. The rich poor divide continues to expand exponentially and separate nations, countries and communities into the haves and the have nots.

The environment too has begun to reject advanced capitalism. Nature strains and bucks under Capitalism and materialism’s greedy insatiable demands to be fed-seas are polluted with the sticky black gold; animals are forced away from their natural habitats before being driven to extinction, the skies rain acid, the rains increase floods, the sun burns with an angry intensity-it’s a war-nature v capitalism. While that war rages our wars with one another increase and the spectre of nuclear annihilation becomes more apparent and the Doomsday Clock ticks ever closer to human demise. One of Marx’s most beautiful and most true quotes ‘Peace is the absence of opposition to socialism.’ When we are free from capitalism we will know freedom in the truest sense of the word. Free to learn, to be ourselves and to interact fully with others, free to create free from bourgeois interference, free from oppression and exploitation.

Communism is not a failed dream with a bloody history as it is often portrayed by its enemies and opponents in the right wing and liberal media. On the contrary Communism is PEACE. As Howard Zinn points out, in the past a short lived Anarcho-Communist experimentation such as the Paris Commune and that during the Spanish Civil War in Catalonia were successful for raising mass consciousness, gender equality and eliminating all crime among the people.

We all suffer, (see Marx’s critique of Hegel) and because we all affect one another it makes sense that we want everyone to be well. Communism is the only practical political theory which permits this desire. Communism would abolish racism and unite. As cultural critic Bell Hooks argues Capitalism and white supremacy are always inherently linked. Of course, economic parity does not guarantee happiness but for a large swathe of the world Capitalism and materialism have so far shunned their pleas. Some may argue there is no motive to struggle under Communism but with it we can direct our efforts to the whole, the planet, the others. We will live from our hearts more as we work together towards common goals advancing in our thought processes as a civilisation.

We must work together and agitate for Communism and liberation

#Releasetheanarchy #Freeyourmind

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