May 29, 2021


By itchysilk In MUSIC

So here we go with the intriguingly named band, 2 Cardigans and a Bowtie. Hailing from South Africa, this outfit brings an array of genres into their sonic delivery with sublime ease. It’s an ease that belies the talent and musical experience within this 5 piece band.

Formed in 2017 through the vision of their bassist/composer Nkululeko Biyana and lead vocalist Likwidskillz, their primary objective was the creation of a band able to bend “genre rules”. We love that idea of pushing the sonic norms, dispelling the rule book and creating your own rule book.

With this independent minded modus operandi they have accumulated a growing number of fans outside of the music industry and within it. Indeed, in acknowledgement of their talent, they were granted money through Concerts Mobility to film their own live stream concert in VR 360.

Umkhathi an hypnotic and expansive cut meaning in essence ‘space and time’ in Xhosa. It’s a wonderful balance of; layered jazz, splashes of traditional South African sounds, indie like sounds and tight hip-hop esque beats all working cohesively.

The track opens with some flushes on the hi-top, followed with indie like guitar riffs, paving the way for the sonorous vocals of InkosiKhethiwe “King Khethiwe” Mdlalose (who also happens to be the drummer), to drop an almost mournful cry leading to the tight bars from Likwidskillz -the proverbial cherry on top. It’s all built on the foundation of Biyana as his bass riffs keep this track thumping along. Must say we love Liziwe ‘Ziwe’ Fihlani on alto saxophone who steps in at around 4:21 to take Umkathi to its finale.

Umkhathi a great introduction to the band. It the proverbial step of a thousand miles to a debut album. The album is due for a release potentially in early 2022. In truth # were privy to a few of those un-mastered cuts. We must say we are looking forward to hearing that finished project. It’s got huge potential.